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My long lost love for film photography is back.

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My long lost love for film photography is back.


I fall in love with photography long time ago I was still in highschool. Of course it was film era. We developed own film in home darkroom...yes, that kind of thing existed.

Then came college. I studied chemistry and felt there is  already to much lab time and somehow moved away from photography. 

Went and studied photography in Chicago 2009...loved film but digital was something NEW exciting, instant gratification. 

My mentor in wedding photography trusted me with his Hasselblad and my love for film came back.

And now for last year I shoot at least one roll of film per wedding 

...with my very own Hasselblad.

Yes I do shot with medium format camera

Dreams does come true. 

Last engagement session I shot whole session on film. It is magic what  I missed.

just some files to see results...every single file is not edited. Just developed and scanned.

What is my favorite film to shot? Fujifilm Pro400H and Kodak Portra in color and Ilford for Black and white..all 120mm film.

My favorite lens for Hasselblad? 80mm

But I love my 35mm Nikon as well. 

Thanks to Indie film lab for great job. 

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