Inta G Waylett Photography | Why I shot film at weddings :: Old Fish house wedding Tequesta

Why I shot film at weddings :: Old Fish house wedding Tequesta

June 14, 2017  •  1 Comment

Many of photographers and some of my wedding photography clients asked me several times -

why do you shot film at weddings today when everything is digital and made to be easy? I shoot hybrid - film and digital every wedding. 

I know you all know saying - pictures worth a thousand words...indeed. Therefore I will stop take away your attention with words and post my film pictures what came back from lab last night.

Have I ever mentioned how I love my Indie Film Lab? Pictures are not edited and touched up.

Straight from Camera and Lab. My time spent by computer close to zero :) And that sexy feeling and grain what film images give is hard to replicate on digital.

But I will just stop here...see some picures from my recent wedding at Old Fish House in Tequesta. 

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Jessica Murray(non-registered)
I love these, the bright and airy feel gives them soliciting a nice touch. I feel like I was right there to witness it all!❤️
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