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When I meet with my clients for first time almoust first question after finding out when and where wedding will be held is: What kind of photos do you want? Most of  todays brides have done homework and  then they  throw out a few words they’ve heard tossed around on the wedding blogs like “fun,” “candid,” or airy.

Some of them  has put together dozens if not hundreds of images of weddings that they love. There are Brides who saved up Pinterest boards with inspiration wedding pictures what they love

It helps, bet im interested what they liked in my work and why they decided to call me.

Wedding photography mostly falls into a few categories:

  • Traditional: This approach focuses on beautiful posed portraits, and it was the primary kind of wedding photography before the digital age. 
  • Photojournalistic  treats the wedding as a story to be covered, focusing on candid moments as they occur during the day. Or how my brides describe it “catch the moment” Photographers in this style tend to look for storylines of the day, reinforcing them in multiple images, and usually showcasing a collection of images that tell the story in your album. 
  • Contemporary: Inspired by fashion editorials on the pages of glossy magazines, the contemporary (or editorial or fashion) style generally relies heavy on the artistic vision of the photographer to produce visually interesting images. The poses and settings are often quite unusual to mimic the look of a fashion shoot. Many who photograph in this style also spend a fair amount of time arranging and photographing the details of the day.

Very few working wedding photographers today are only one of these things, neither I.

I do mix journalistic style with posing and some editorial style looking pictures during wedding day coverage. 

And there is the same question what they are looking for when they hire wedding photographer?

If portraits are very important to Bride, she might lean toward a photographer with a very traditional style and photographer will spend spend a larger part of the day doing these portraits.

Photojournalistic style photographer might spend less than an hour of the day doing portraits, instead concentrating on what’s happening organically among the couple, trying to catch moments and emotions.

As I mentioned I do blend all these “styles” in my Photographers amplua. I love  storytelling photography and true candid moments, but I love details and interesting portrites. 

I love light night portrites as something different what you can not see often in South florida wedding photography

I do love the story aspect of your day and make sure our images reflect your day and approach to the wedding. 


Couple samples from my portfolio

Journalistic style



Posed contemporary style 

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palm beach wedding photographer, Bethesda-by-the-Sea

Editorial style details 

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Night portraits 

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